Welcome to my first blog on WordPress.

Patrons reading newspapers at the State Library of Queensland 1934

This blog is designed as tool for reflection on my professional practice in my new career as a Librarian-in-training.

I work in a busy friendly library – the name of which will remain anonymous so that I can relate examples of practice and preserve the privacy of all parties.

I can say that our newspaper area is a lot more comfortable than it was at the State Library in 1934!

Yes I shelve books.  This gives me an opportunity to observe others more experienced than myself answer reference enquiries and helps me get to know the collection.

Sometimes patrons ask me questions too and my heart beats very quickly as I try to exceed their expectations efficiently and cheerfully.

I am studying a Master of Information Studies as well which can sometimes be challenging when I work full-time. It does however give me a chance to interact with other students and learn from fabulous teachers and ultimately network, network, network….which sometimes is really what I think Information Management is all about.

What do you think?

Do you use libraries?  If not, where do you find your information?

Do you have a favourite library? If not, what’s your favourite information resource and why?