If you want a window into the addled thought processes of a trainee librarian, consider this.

How did I get to do a blog post today?  When I haven’t posted for months?

Well, it’s like this…I was going to post a book review on Librarything.  But first I had to add the book.  The book was Nine Days by Toni Jordan, if you’re interested…but more of that later.

In the process of adding the book I noticed that I was one of only five people to add it to Librarything.  Who were the other people?  Sometimes it’s a bit hard to tell who’s who on Librarything; you don’t have to divulge too much personal information if you don’t want to.  I think all of them were Australians.  One of the “people” was Gilmore College for Girls Resource Centre .  I checked out their website.  They have a very nice rotating display of new book covers on their site….one of which was Skulduggery Pleasant.

This reminded me of a failure I had this week – sigh.  A young man asked me how to spell Skulduggery.  S-K-U-L-L as in skull, I primly replied.  Barp! Wrong.  Do you think we could find the wretched book on the catalogue?  No.  I had to google it in order to find it on the catalogue.  Sigh.  We got there in the end but I was pretty embarrassed.

So, what have I been doing since I last posted?

Well, work-wise I have been conducting Computers for Nervous Beginners classes.  Not sure who is more nervous – them or me.  I have also done three Storytimes now. I am also delivering a series of workshops on eResources – eLibrary, eResources, Happy Apps etc.  I have been immersing myself in Apps since I bought myself a Smartphone.  Whilst I have been using apps on my iPad,  it’s a bit more exciting and dynamic using them on the phone because of the camera.  My iPad is an old one which doesn’t have a camera to scan barcodes and QR codes.  I also kick-started a BookClub for 9-12 year olds at our library which was fun and challenging.  We’ll be holding the meetings once a month so I need to get up to speed with reading for that age group too.  Tomorrow night we’re hosting an author talk with Toni Jordan – hence the Nine Days review.

I have also commenced the final (I hope ) semester of my studies this year.  My two subjects this semester are Professional Practice and Knowledge Sharing and Communication using the Internet.  In Professional Practice I will be working on a work-based project looking at procedures and practices of exam supervision in public libraries.  I’ll also be playing with tools like PebblePad – an ePortfolio software system – to record and reflect on my learning and professional development.  In Knowledge Sharing and Communication I have used Delicious for the first time and will be micro-blogging using Twitter.

So, pretty busy really.  Better get cracking on that book review.

Over and out.