I always feel a bit of a donkey when it comes to Twitter.  Kind of mulish.  Obstinate.

I know I’m meant to be using it more but I only do so if kicked.

This week I signed up for ANZ 23 mobile things.

The first week is about Twitter.

So this blog post is a bit of analysis about how I use Twitter – if at all.

How long have I been tweeting?  For a couple of years at least.

Enough to have tweeted 402 times – which I know is laughably small for some Twitter users.

I have 287 followers and am following 675 tweeters.

I must confess that many of my tweets have been automatically generated by some kind of program I signed up for called twentyfeet.com.  It posts on your behalf and tells everyone how many new followers you’ve got and how many mentions you got etc.  It appeals to my vanity.  Or not.  Given my stats.

How did I decide who to follow?  I followed people I knew and then some people they followed.  And then I realised I could look for organisations that I liked and followed them.

When did the Twitter light go on for me?   When I wasn’t in the in circle enough to be invited to attend the Queensland Writers Awards.  But – second best – I could follow Krissy Kneen who was in the in-crowd enough to be invited.  She gave a blow by blow description of who got which gong which then enabled me to Tweet my congratulations or otherwise to friends who had been nominated.  So I was there – but not there, if you know what I mean.

What have I learned from 23 things this week?

Well, that Twitter is about conversations rather than broadcasts – which is probably what I’ve been guilty of in the past.

That I need to work on my lists.  That I need to work on my hashtags.

That Twitter is about building a Personal Learning Network – PLN.  Haven’t heard that phrase/acronym before but I’m all for it.

At first I resisted the 140 characters but actually I really like it.  It does force you to be concise.

In fact, if I want to really sound like a dinosaur, the thing I liked about Twitter to begin with was that it reminded of the Telex newsfeed in the old newsroom I used to work in….endlessly spewing forth news.

So, in summary, I use Twitter but not as effectively as I would like to.  I still have a long way to go.

But I’m encouraged to experiment more and build my Personal Learning Network.

What about you?  What hashtags do you use/search?