Sphagnum SoftnessOne Thing I Learned:

Sphagnum is another word for peat-moss.  No that was a crossword clue and this is meant to be about work.

Ummm…okay…I learned this…The lovely Kris popped into the office tonight as I was sucking the end of my pencil and making agonizing decisions about the magazine budget.  “Did you know about this DVD?” she said waving a DVD under my nose called Telstra Everyone Connected Training.  “It’s got stuff about tablets and mobile phones on it.  I’m taking it home tonight.We get questions about that all the time.”  She’s right.  We do.  Yay.  We always recommend books – Computers for Seniors and the like – and there’s a DVD.  We’ve got 39 copies in the region, 3 at our library.  You’d think I would have noticed.  Well I know now.  Good one Kris!

Student in the library, 1981One Thing I Improved:

I said “Yes” to a student placement.   Does that count?  Or saving the environment by offering a lift to a colleague on the way to the meeting.

Retained a Car Pool Office in May, 1974, Even after the Gas Shortage Was Virtually Over. The Phone Number for the Agency Spells C A R P O O L 05/1974 


One Thing I Enjoyed: 

Sharing the drive with a colleague and catching up with other colleagues who I haven’t seen for a long time at the meeting.