One Thing I Learned

Be very careful about running the gauntlet of the Young Adult Room on the First Friday of the Month when Book Club is on.  You may be challenged to “try” a couple of Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans.  You know – the vomit and rotten egg flavoured ones.  The expression on my face upon consuming the “delicacies” caused much merriment to participants who shrieked with glee.  The theme of the month was Harry Potter and a few curses and spells were being invented I fear.  I was allowed eventually to retrieve the prophetically named Of Gods and Monsters off the shelf for a customer.

One Thing I Improved

I attempted to improve my communication today and clarify my thoughts about the kind of services we should be offering and when.

One Thing I Enjoyed

Inducting a “new” casual at our branch with whom I had worked at another branch.  Her joy, enthusiasm and delight in being in our “space” for the first time was infectious and life affirming. Bless.