Yesterday was one of those days where you have to just step back and laugh at what your day entails.

I was up early to take the dog for a walk as usual..we get going by about 5am. Then, because I had a late start (because I was on “closing”), I had 15 extra minutes to devote to housework. I decided to wash a parachute (as you do) which had been returned to the toy collection with a stain on it.  We have a marvelous colour run remover which always seems to work magic and yes it did again on this occasion.  Hoorah! I also found a needle and thread  to bring with me to work to try and stitch a felt Captain Hook together (from a felt story kit) in my lunch hour after he had been mangled by someone’s dog.

Off to the petrol station on the way to work to get some cash to pay for some books I found in the book sale the day before – because wot I need is more books – NOT!  But there was one on scrap-booking family history and Rose Tremain’s latest so I couldn’t resist.  Oh and better drop by the bakery to buy something to sustain us for morning tea – goody, rum balls, perfect!

What do I find at work?  Lovely K1 has made caramel fudge and Christmas angel decorations for all of us. She is what is known as a good egg.

It’s 8:15 and I put the rosters out – somehow I’ve still managed to mix up Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time but my colleagues are very accommodating and don’t say a word and proceed as if I have rostered perfectly. We’re half way through checking the reservations on the shelf when the CEO pops in to say Merry Christmas – hooray! Down tools and chat about what we have planned for the Christmas break – catching up with family – new babies and grandkids for some – yes we will be working over the break – yes libraries are popular over the Christmas period – our Summer Holiday activities which just opened for bookings yesterday are just about booked out already. Look ! Here are our home made Xmas decorations – do you like them?  Made out of brown paper bags – we think they’re kind of neat. Photos are taken. Hands are shaken.  Good will to all.

Ten minutes before 9 and we have a quick cuppa before we open. I’m quickly sending timesheets off to Payroll before I forget. Rum balls are tested. Fudge is commended.

Our vollie comes in and is on top of the shelving so we decide to show J2 how to use the stocktaking wand and tablet.  Yesterday we managed to  do LOTE, Local History, Reference, Adult Literacy, Young Adult, Large Print, Biographies and the night crew did Beginner Readers the previous evening. Let’s start Non-Fiction. J2’s got the hang of it so I go back to processing what we’ve done already on Spydus offline and start producing reports. J2 comes back- the wand isn’t working. What could it be? I reckon it’s the battery – so we plug everything in to charge.

Then it’s 10 o’clock and I’m on the counter. This week the library seems to have really ramped up in business and it’s not even school holidays yet. There’s a queue of people waiting to use our two self-serves and the chute needs emptying. There’s a stack of books to cover because we did some cataloguing of donations yesterday. There’s a list of reservations ordered online in the past hour to find and people in the library need help with placing reservations too.  The hour flies by and I manage to peek in and see J1 conducting Storytime to a rapt audience wearing super-hero capes, getting in the mood for our heroes and villains Summer Reading Club.

Eleven o’clock and I’m racing out the back to print off the exam I have to supervise today…just as well because X arrives early and he gets 30 minutes of reading time too so there goes that hour.

Lunchtime – Captain Hook gets stitched up after I eat my Lean Cuisine with much discussion about scurvy and other pirate/sailor type topics.

After lunch, I’m back on the counter.  A tells me where she’s up to in Non-Fiction with the stock-take.  I carry on and manage to do about three bays but then the wand seems to run out of battery again…sigh.  The courier delivers the boxes from the other libraries and reservations are sorted, AV checked and put to mending if needed, returns are shelved.

3pm and I’m off the counter for a bit – hoorah!  Time to chase up a few casuals to see if they can do some shifts next week and over the Xmas break.  No matter how much I tweak that roster there always seem to be gaps.

Then I place the order for pizzas tonight from the swanky pizza shop for after work when we’ve put up the Xmas decorations. Poor J1 is trying to place an order for pizzas for her Teen group from the less swanky pizza shop but they’re having their oven maintained and can’t promise anything before 4:30. It’s amazing how many pizza shops there are in our area when you think about it and we are all over it.

A casual rings back. Yes she can do that shift. Yay! I send out next week’s roster to everyone and scan Reader’s Advisory Tips and Charts from our wonderful Community and Readers Services Librarian.

4pm – Prizes are sorted for Teen club.  Pizzas are sorted. I’m back out the front shelving and before I know it I’m roped into playing Celebrity Heads with a villains and heroes spin with the Teen Book Club.  I am officially hopeless and have never heard of my villain who seems to ride a skateboard??

There’s a storm brewing outside. Thunder is heard. Patrons are asking if our area is affected. Out comes my mobile phone and BOM is checked. No – the worst of it seems to be in Brisbane. We have escaped this time.  4:30 – better start thinking about those Xmas decorations.   We’ve made stars out of brown paper bags glued together. You can check the You Tube video here. Find the string and the hole puncher. Drag out the step ladder. J2 holds them up for me and I tie them on to the light battens. Step down. Step back. Admire.

Start going through the closing list – lock up the meeting room, do the till. K2’s locking up the chairs outside. Say goodbye to the last patron and then drag out the boxes of Xmas decs. The back door bell rings. It’s K1. She’s come back.  I confess to eating the last bit of fudge.  Good, she says.

J2 K2 and J1 are trying to figure out which is the 2nd middle bit of the enormous Christmas tree. I leave them to it.

Where will I put the smaller Xmas tree asks K1? Here, let’s move that pot plant back into the foyer. Now there’s room near the back door.

I wander off with some tinsel. The trolleys look boring – let’s tizz them up about. J1 throws baubles over rafters. Hooks are found in beams. Fake candles are placed near the newspapers as a joke.

The pizza guy rings me on my mobile. Where are you?  Oh you mean the library?  Yes I’m here in the carpark. I’ll see you in a second.

What’s missing? Something’s missing. K2 walks back down from the Mezzanine with the ridiculously large Santa in lurid red and yellow spotty attire. Ah. Now all is complete. We can rest for a bit.

Let’s move to the back deck, says J1. It’s cooler now the storm has been and gone. Pizza boxes are opened, chairs are unlocked and pulled out – oohs and aahs over reef and beef and chicken and avocado – not to mention the view of the setting sun. Drinks are poured. Did we win that wine at a Trivia night? No-one can remember. Stories are swapped – about beds of all things. How did we get to talking about beds?  Water beds are discussed – the pros and cons.  Stories of dogs flying out windows are told. Second drinks are offered. Better have a soft drink. I’m driving.

I ask how many slices of pizza have been consumed (there’s one slice left with my name on it).  Thoughts of home edge in. We pack up. I collect my reservation from my locker – Visualising Weight Loss. Yes, well. There’s always tomorrow. Money for the pizzas is stuffed in my handbag despite protestations. We remember to swipe out.