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Well maybe not cry, but be rendered speechless with shock (well speechless for a couple of seconds at any rate).

I did want to take a photo/video of us all gasping when we saw these items come through the chute this week.

I’m obviously such a newbie at this library game.

I’m still shocked when people return items through the chute like this.

Do you ever get over it I wonder? Become immune.

What frame of mind are you in when you return books like this?

Do people feel okay with this because of the design of the library chute?  Is it because it looks a bit like a bin that people think that they can put rubbish in it?  Do we need to change the design of the chute? How could we design it so that it’s still convenient but that people feel like they’re placing the book on a shrine rather than in a bin?

Imagine if you borrowed a book from a friend and returned it to them like that?  Just popped it in their letterbox and didn’t even leave a note.

And then I have to ring them.  I have to initiate the discussion.  I have to thank them for returning the book and then ask them if they noticed that half of it had been quite chewed. Mad.

I love books but I’m beginning to understand the attraction of eBooks to libraries.  You can’t chew them.