It was a big week in libraryland for us in our little library. Lovely Carrie and I were getting a bit hysterical towards the end of yesterday when we found this treasure on the returns trolley.

I fell about laughing when Carrie asked me if the squashed item in the book might have been a grape rather than a sultana. Well yes it probably was a grape once Carrie. But possibly before it was squashed between the pages of the book me thinks.

We walked our butts off this week. Without going for a proper recreational type walk, I did 13,000 steps on Wednesday and 10,000 steps yesterday, just at work. It’s because we took delivery of quite a bit of furniture and needed to quickly unpack old shelving and reassemble new shelving and rearrange furniture out the back to store bits and pieces until we can find the time to set up stuff.


I never knew working in a library would be so much about moving furniture etc. Don’t get me wrong. I love moving furniture – always have – but it’s just I hadn’t realized how much that would be part of the job. Constantly re-arranging and trying to find the best fit for our customers.  I still need to improve my knowledge of all the different types of shelving that exist – what all the different parts are called and how it all fits together – bay ends, bays, bins.

And then there’s the puzzle of how to affix labels/signage to shelving without creating future work for others in the future removal thereof – the advantages/disadvantages of blu tac versus velcro.  All suggestions gratefully welcomed.

Yesterday was very much about being a Maitre D and just walking the floor; helping people wrangle the photocopier, finding/setting up a quiet place in the library for people to study (it’s stu vac here in Queensland at the moment so the library is full of students as well as job-hunters) and welcoming intrepid Older and Bolder participants to our library for an event.

Last weekend I went away on a girls’ weekend just for a bit of R and R.  I was hooting with laughter showing my friends the photos on my camera phone.  I use my phone all day at work, taking photos of things to send my colleagues in other offices in the region…..e.g…


Yes, this is the toilet dispenser that damages the paper thin skin on the hands of octogenarians when they try to get the paper out of the dispenser.



This is what I mean when I say we have too much cleaning supplies in our cupboard – can we store it somewhere else please?



These are the book ends I want powder coated and yes, I have 500 of them on the shelves and another 200 out the back in storage.

But then there were “Oohs” and “Aaahs” of delight when I showed them this photo….


Believe it or not these are actually cupcakes made in honour of a gardening competition presentation held in our library one Sunday afternoon last month.  Aren’t they beautiful?  They were delicious too.

You might think working in libraries is just about books but you would be wrong.

It’s really all about cake.